International Association of Electrical Inspectors Magazine Articles

IAEIcoverThe list of recent articles which have been published in the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Magazine.

Article NameDate Published
Load Side PV Connections  January - February 2014
Load Side PV Connections  March - April 2014
Center-Fed Load Centers and Panelboards July - August 2014
Unraveling the Mysterious 705.12(D): Load Side PV Connections January - February 2013
Batteries in PV Systems  March - April 2013
Gray Areas in PV and the Code  May - June 2013
PV and the 2014 NEC  July - August 2013
A Closer Look at Batteries  September - October 2013
Supply-Side PV Connections  November - December 2013
Questions from Inspectors Inquiring Minds Need to Know  January - February 2012
More Questions from Inspectors Numerous PV Systems Pose Issues   March - April 2012
Microinverters and AC PV Modules Are Different Beasts  May - June 2012
The Conductors, Getting Solar Energy to the Inverter for 40–50 Years  July - August 2012
Inspectors Rejoice! At Last—Significant Progress In A PV Standard  September - October 2012
PV Systems In Unusual Locations To Inspect or Not?  November - December 2012
Conductor Sizing and Overcurrent Device RatingsJanuary - February 2011
What Hath the 2011 NEC Wrought for PV? March - April 2011
Changes and ChallengesMay - June 2011
A Critical Look at Load Side Utility-Interactive PV Inverter Connections 690.64(B) / 705.12(D) July - August 2011
Two Important Inspection Areas & One for the Plan Reviewers by John Wiles September - October 2011
Supply-Side PV Utility Connections  January - February 2010
The Microinverter and the AC PV Module  March - April 2010
Connecting to Mother Earth  May - June 2010
Odds and Ends  July - August 2010
Ungrounded Electrical Systems  September - October 2010
Utility Interconnections and Code RequirementsNovember - December 2010
PV Math  January - February 2009
Still on the roof  March - April 2009
Approaching the Inverter  May - June 2009
The Inverter  July - August 2009
Connecting The Inverter  September - October 2009
Making the AC Utility Connection  November - December 2009
Ground-Fault Protection for PV Systems  January - February 2008
Common PV Code Violations  March - April 2008
Questions from the AHJ—To Fuse or Not to Fuse?  May - June 2008
Interconnections Then (2005) and Now (2008)  July - August 2008
Are We Grounded Yet?  September - October 2008
A Top to Bottom Perspective on a PV System  November - December 2008
Inspectors Demand More Answers  January - February 2007
The Development of Codes, Standards, and PV Equipment—How are they related?  March - April 2007
Disconnect, Disconnect, Where For Art Thou?  May - June 2007
PV Wiring: Continuous Currents through Curious Cables  July - August 2007
The Nature of the PV Module: Limited Currents Have Benefits and Drawbacks  September - October 2007
Why Inspect PV Systems  November - December 2007
Back to the Grid, Designing PV Systems for Code Compliance  January - February 2006
PV Plan Check  March - April 2006
The 15-Minute PV System Inspection: Can You? Should You?  May - June 2006
Achieving the Art of the Possible  July - August 2006
Penetrating PV Questions from Inspectors  September - October 2006
PV Systems and Workmanship  November - December 2006
Do You Know Where Your Cables are Tonight?  January - February 2005
Photovoltaic Power Systems and the NEC  March - April 2005
Permitting or Inspecting a PV System?  May - June 2005
Updates: Grounding PV and Systems Fine Stranded Conductors  July - August 2005
Making the Utility Connection  September - October 2005
Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Rain nor the Dark of Night  November - December 2005
PV Power Systems: What Inspectors Need to Know  March - April 2004
Single Conductor Exposed Cables!  July - August 2004
PV Systems—Should They Be Grounded?  September - October 2004
Stalking the Elusive and Somewhat Strange PV System  November - December 2004