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IAEIcoverJohn Wiles gets dozens of questions a week on PV systems and the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) from PV vendor/installers, PV manufacturers, PV systems integrators, electrical contractors, electricians, electrical inspectors, and homeowners. Many of these questions are repetitive. John uses these questions as the basis for his articles in IAEI News.

Rather than rewrite the answers to the frequently asked questions, John has indexed the IAEI articles (right column).  Each one is linked to the appropriate PDF file of the relevant article. The IAEI Edition Number is composed of the months in the issue (Mar-Apr), for example, March/April. The numeral indicates the year (05) means 2005. So the March/April 2005 edition is: Mar-Apr05.


SubjectRelated Articles
2005 NEC/Article 690Mar-Apr05, Nov-Dec10, Jan-Feb12
AC PV ModuleMar-Apr10, May-Jun11
AmpacityNov-Dec08, Nov-Dec09, Jan-Feb11
BatteriesJul-Aug04, Nov-Dec04, Nov-Dec06, May-Jun11, Mar-Apr13
CalculationsNov-Dec08, Jan-Feb09, Jan-Feb10
Circuit BreakersMar-Apr04, Sep-Oct07, May-Jun08, Nov-Dec09, Jan-Feb10, Jul-Aug14
Codes & StandardsMar-Apr07, May-Jun11, Mar-Apr11, Jan-Feb12
Color CodesMar-Apr04, May-Jun05
ConductorsJan-Feb05, Jul-Aug04, May-Jun05, Jul-Aug05, Nov-Dec05, May-Jun06, Jan-Feb07, Jul-Aug07, Nov-Dec07, Nov-Dec08, Mar-Apr09, May-Jun09, Jan-Feb11, Jul-Aug12
ConduitsJan-Feb05, Nov-Dec08
DisconnectsMar-Apr04, May-Jun05, Mar-Apr06, Sep-Oct06, May-Jun07, Mar-Apr09, May-Jun09, Jan-Feb11
FusesMar-Apr04, Jan-Feb07, Sep-Oct07, May-Jun08
Ground FaultsNov-Dec04 , Jan-Feb08, Jul-Aug10
GroundingSep-Oct04, Jul-Aug05, May-Jun06, Sep-Oct06, Jan-Feb07, Nov-Dec07, Mar-Apr08, Sep-Oct08, Nov-Dec08, Sep-Oct09, May-Jun10, Jul-Aug10, Sep-Oct10, Sep-Oct11
InvertersMar-Apr04, Nov-Dec04, Mar-Apr06, Sep-Oct07, May-Jun09, Jul-Aug09, Sep-Oct09, Jul-Aug11
MicroinverterMar-Apr10, May-Jun12
ModulesJul-Aug04, Nov-Dec04, Mar-Apr06, Sep-Oct06, Nov-Dec06, Jul-Aug07, Mar-Apr08, Nov-Dec08
Permitting/ InspectingMay-Jun05, Mar-Apr06, May-Jun06, Jul-Aug06, Jan-Feb07, Nov-Dec07, Mar-Apr08, Jul-Aug11, Sep-Oct11, Nov-Dec11, Jan-Feb12, Mar-Apr12, Sep-Oct12, Nov-Dec12
PV CombinerNov-Dec04, Nov-Dec05, Jan-Feb07
PV/Solar BasicsJul-Aug04, Jul-Aug06, May-Jun11
QuestionsSep-Oct06, Jan-Feb07, May-Jun08
SystemsMar-Apr04, Sep-Oct06, Jul-Aug07, Sep-Oct07, May-Jun11
TerminalsJan-Feb05, Sep-Oct06, Mar-Apr08
Utility ConnectionsMar-Apr04, Sep-Oct05, Jan-Feb06, Jul-Aug08, Nov-Dec09, Jan-Feb10, Nov-Dec10, May-Jun11, Jul-Aug11, Jan-Feb13