Education & Training

SWTDI provides contract services for systems analysis, hardware development and evaluation, feasibility studies, computer modeling, and informational kiosks. SWTDI has provided hundreds of training courses for thousands of participants from around the world since 1977. SWTDI is one of the key renewable energy training organizations in the United States. The Institute has trained a wide variety of persons including project developers, electrical inspectors, engineers, homeowners, and bankers. Courses range from practical hands-on courses to detailed engineering, financing, and economic development courses. SWTDI staff can prepare and deliver in-depth technical workshops directly in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). The Institute also has university satellite up-link facilities to provide long distance learning courses. SWTDI has been the key renewable energy course provider for the Institute of International Education under contract to USAID.

SWTDI has the capability to house trainees directly on-site at New Mexico State University. The Institute also has access to University research facilities, as well as SWTDI’s own unique facilities for conducting on-site training. Facilities include the Southwest Region Experiment Station for Photovoltaics, which is a PV test and evaluation facility with 40kW of installed PV capacity; the Geothermal Research Facility, which supports the development of geothermal resources for greenhouses and aquaculture; and the Environmental Systems Laboratory, which has capabilities for water quality analysis, biomonitoring, and evaluation of biomass feedstocks. Training courses vary in length depending on client needs from a few hours to day, weeks, and months. Recent topics include PV, NEC codes, wind-power systems, water pumping, and hybrid systems.