Performance Monitoring

SWTDI performs renewable energy and other systems performance analyses, based on periodic system tests and measurements or on long-term (annual) data acquisition systems outputs. Written reports, technical papers, and oral presentations with appropriate visual aids can be generated from these analyses. TDI personnel are frequent presenters at major photovoltaic conferences in the US and abroad.

Data Acquisition Systems

SWTDI designs, builds, and installs data acquisition systems (DASs) for any size PV, solar thermal (hot-water), electric vehicle, or wind energy system. Measured data can include all resource, weather, and electrical and mechanical parameters. These parameters are stored in data loggers and transmitted daily to central analysis stations (SWTDI or customer) via land-line telephone, cellular telephone, radio repeater, or satellite telemetry systems.

Data acquisition systems can range in size from simple systems measuring only two or three parameters at hourly intervals with on-site readouts to systems measuring hundreds of parameters with remote collection and analysis.

SWTDI-designed data networks process and display the real-time outputs of several different data acquisition systems at remote locations. Graphical and numerical displays can show real-time and historic data along with other information as desired.